Automate The Drudgery

We create custom software - databases, spreadsheets, web pages - that tackle the flood of data and move intelligence to the people who need it most. These are a few sample applications we've built recently.

Data Retrieval From Multiple Sources

Most organizations rely on multiple data stores:

  • A general ledger for accounting data
  • A sales silo like or Siebel for sales tracking
  • A Customer Relationship Manager for marketing
  • Manufacturing database
  • Assorted web pages for market data and client communications
  • Email documents from vendors, partners and customers

I Get It! Development creates software to automatically read and organize the data at your desktop for consumption by the entire organization.

If you have multiple data sources and spend more of your time organizing and agonizing than you do analyzing it, please contact us for a quote on custom software development.

Medicare Reimbursement Calculator

Medicare is a complicated system. We've helped a number of companies create sales tools which allow the salesreps to calculate Medicare reimbursement based on:

  • Medical device or procedure
  • State, country, zip code
  • Type of facility

and other factors. Salespeople don't have the time to do complex calculations while presenting to a client. Let us create a sales tool for your organization that allows your salespeople to concentrate on the sale, not the calculations.