Our Clients' Success Stories

I Get It! Development creates the tools companies need to turn bit streams to business strategies. Our customers include Silicon Valley Venture Capital firms, world leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies, as well as financial institutions like credit unions and insurance companies.

We've collected a few of our success stories below.

Use The Right Tool For The Job

Have a mass of Excel spreadsheets that really ought to be organized into a database? Read how the licensee billing department of a world-leading application infrastructure software company asked I Get It! Development to help them migrate an Excel-spreadsheet-driven system to an Access database.

The database has led to greater accuracy in license fee reporting and an enormous savings in time. The database stores historical data for quick and easy analysis of business and customer trends. Up-to-the-minute reports can be generated for management with a click of a button, saving valuable time near quarter close when reports are requested most.

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Less Time Agonizing, More Time Analyzing

If you spend all of your time organizing and charting data, you run out of time to discover its meaning. The Human Resources department in a division of a large Swiss pharmaceutical company asked I Get It! Development to help automate the process of comparing employee compensation to market pay data. The division has about a thousand employees in the Silicon Valley area. I Get It! built a program that reduced the time involved in creating the charts from several days to less than a minute.

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Custom Training On The Job Leads To Great Retention And Value

A large medical device company took advantage of I Get It! Development’s custom training services to help their accounting group build daily revenue reports by salesperson and automatically email each report to the appropriate salesperson and their manager. Not only did they learn Excel VBA, but they automated a critical process in class!

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Transform The Data You Have Into The Intelligence You Need

A California central valley K-12 school district tapped into the power of a custom MS Access database designed by I Get It Development to help them better manage a complex internal telephone billing process

With one of the largest student enrollments in the area, the K-12 institution has a network of nearly 50 separate organizations including elementary, middle schools, high schools, and community day schools.

By working with I Get It! Development to automate and streamline a cumbersome manual process, the district was able to provide accurate telephone billing to its network of departments in almost no time at all.

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